Tameside Beer Festival


At Tameside Beer festival, we take pride in not only bringing together beer enthusiasts for a memorable experience but also in giving back to our community. With each festival we host, we dedicate a portion of the proceeds to support various charitable initiatives. Join us in raising a glass for a good cause!

This Year's Charities

Go Dharmic

Go Dharmic is a movement for compassion in Action.

Founded by Hanuman Dass in 2013 who began a campaign to feed the homeless in London, Go Dharmic works to relieve suffering through serving in disasters, advocating for peace, developing schools and alleviating food poverty. Help families facing humanitarian and environmental crisis today.

Our Kids Eyes

We try to see the world through ‘Our Kids Eyes’ and provide activities and events throughout the year to make a positive impact on the lives of Tameside children and their families.

Our charity is run mainly by parent volunteers who know firsthand the impact of having a child with special needs has on the whole family. Our aims are to support each other and enable all our children to reach their potential and live happy, healthy lives.